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Tribute to plummer55 - Updated 07/05/02

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07/05/02 - I spoke with Kelly again today. Briana and her are doing well, although it is hard for them most of the time. Kelly has decided to keep Allen's car, redo the interior, and paint the car as Allen had planned. I advised her that with the T-5 and the rear gear Allen installed that she might want to start it off in second for better driveability /forums/images/icons/smile.gif First is gonna get her a lot of tire smoke and not much else!! She also plans for this to one day be Briana's car!

We have collected over $1300 for Briana, but I would REALLY love to make it $2500. As you purchase your parts this month, ask yourself if you can live without that part for another month and donate some or all of the money. I plan to re-evaluate my spending as well, and I know there are some shocks I have been wanting that are not completely necessary.

07/01/02 - We have a good start on this. To everyone who has donated, thank you! Allen's wife has been bulldozed by the flow of goodwill from our band of hooligans here.

I would like us to do more.

If everyone could keep Briana in mind this month and try to find a few extra dollars to toss in, that would be great.

Thanks people! You guys really are a great group!!

Original post - I spoke with Kelly Gray (Allen's wife) today via the phone. She was very grateful for the flowers, the card, and the wonderful comments made by the members of the VMF. I have also been moved by the outpuring of love by the members here, but I think we all wish we could do more. Now we can.

John Boggs has graciously arranged for a 529 college fund for Briana Gray, Allen's daughter. This fund will provide her with a source of funds for her college education. I am taking the remaining money from the flowers, and putting it into this account.

We at the VMF benefited from Allen's presence here more than we know. This kind of relationship cannot be priced, but we can do our best to repay him for his friendship by helping ensure his 5 year old daughter has the best chance she can get.

Donations can be made via PayPal to [email protected] They can also be made via snail mail to the following address:

College Fund
C/O Jim Meyer
15016 Water Oak Place
Huntertown, IN 46748

John has offered his services free of charge, and he is also talking with Putnam to see if they will decrease or eliminate their fees.
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