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Tricks to SSBC caliper reinstallation?

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Stainless Steel Brakes Corp returned my rebuilt SSBC calipers yesterday, so I hope to get them on this weekend (been getting a little mustang withdrawl over the past month)

Any guidance is appreciated.

Last night I installed some new stock pads. They just drop in, and you then screw in a retaining plate with some small clips to keep downward pressure on the pads, right? Seems to me this will interfere with the free movement of the pads...Is this the way it's supposed to be done?

Installed some speed bleeders at the same time. Just screwed them in until they seemed to bottom out. Is this right or do they need to be backed out some to work properly?

On the installation, it seems pretty straightfoward. Reinstall calipers on rotors, reconnect lines, bleed brakes in proper order......Am I missing any essential details here?

My first attempt at disc brakes....Thanks for any advice - Dickson