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I'm working through the final items that need to be addressed before the 64.5-66 Registry can go live.

One of the things that popped up recently was a late production 66 car with a 67 paint code. I was going to add the 67 paint codes as valid entries but the trim code was also peculiar.

The trim code was 26A as opposed to 26. I have a hunch that they stuck the A onto the trim code as a flag to indicate that the paint was for 67.

If I'm right the I need some rules to deal with this. Do they always put in the A when the next year's paint is used? Is it always appended to the trim code? Did they do this when transitioning from 65 to 66 also?

If I'm wrong then I need to know what the A is all about. I wish it was a typo but a search here revealed other instances similar to this.

Also, I need the late 66 DSO codes. The Sacramento Mustang Club had the 67 codes listed but their site seems to be down as of today.

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