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I have a 302 out of a 1980 ranger, I will put the engine on my vinless Mustang.
I have the new oil pan and motor mounts, but the thing is : this engine is a normal 302 or the truck engines have diferent internals/heads etc.
It have a 500CFM 2 Barrel whit anular bosters,duraspark ignition.


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No there is nothing real special about them, you will want to make sure you find out if it has 28 oz balance or the later 50 oz inbalance, engines changed sometime around 1980, you will have to use the proper flyweel to go with engine.Other guys here can probably be or more help, having done this themselves.

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The heads will be the same. The only thing that I can think would be different is that he engine might have a truck cam shaft. The oil pan might not be the proper one for a mustang but that is not a big deal. Some of the threads in the heads (for accessories) might be different, depends on your year mustang.

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Ballancing changed in 82. Or was that 83. Someone should know for sure. I found out the hard way!

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