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I own a '69 GT Convertible Mustang and I've been looking around to see what this car is worth in a #1 condition. I know it's fairly rare. I believe there were only 1127 built. My car is equipped w/ the 351W, 4-speed toploader, and a 9" rear w/3.25 gears. Can anyone tell me what the value of this will be when it's fully restored? I've looked, but haven't come up w/anything on the GT Convertibles. The books i've looked in only list the Convertibles. Thanks for ANY help! If there is a web-site that i haven't found.....please list the url for me.

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I kinda figured it would be a little higher then that. I've seen non-GT models on sell for the 20K-25K ranges.

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Actually, when i was shopping for my car several sellers had the pages from that site printed out to show potential buyers what the car is worth. I kinda think that the prices there are on the high side because if they were low then the sellers wouldn't be using them as a selling tactic.

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The price [color:red]Guide</font color=red> by NADA is based on real values determined by actual sales of cars. People all over the country submit information of sales. Remember it is a guide, and should be used as such. If you have a car that is rare and desirable, you can ask the moon for it and get it.

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I've found these prices below to closely resemble what we have here in the Central Valley in CA. As I have done a lot of comparative pricing on Mustangs & Tbirds. But then again lately, I've seen some people pay some crazy prices for things!

1969 FORD MUSTANG 302-220hp (8cyl-2V) AT

2dr Convertible #1 condition = $13000

351-250hp (8cyl-2V) NC%
351-290hp (8cyl-4V) 15%
390-320hp (8cyl-4V) 35%
428-335hp (8cyl-4V) 70%
428-360hp (8cyl-4V) 80%
4spd manual trans 7%
Air conditioning 10%
GT package 12%
Rally wheels (std GT) 5%
Shaker hood(std 428RA) 10%
Interior decor group 5%
</font color=blue>[color:red]
200-115hp (6cyl-1V) -20%
250-155hp (6cyl-1V) -20%
3spd manual transmission -10%
Manual steering -5%
Manual top (conv) -10%
Drum brakes(V8 only) -5%
</font color=red>
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