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Better be careful fellow Canadian...I think you'll pay alot more if you order from the states. Once you calculate the dollar loss, gst, duty and shipping you'll probably pay more.
I'm looking at the same wheel..A torque thrust (polished) at a cost of 287 ea for a 16X7 and 299 for a 16X8, ( from Kal tire)If you do order from the states let me know what it cost you.

Well guys just ordered 4 15x7 TTD from Branda performance and it cost me 668 US for the set of 4 all lugs and cheap center caps included and then was charged 75US for delivery (UPS) then once they got to my front door the duty, gst, pst, brokerage fee was 267 Canadian so it sure the hell adds up. I really didn't look around for the price here in Canada I guess I should of, but I didn't think I was going to get nailed for such a high brokerage fee from UPS. So lets add it up 1190 Cdn for the wheels and 267 Cdn for the brokerage = 1457 Cdn OUCH, Live and Learn

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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