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I have been looking into rims lately. I think I decided on 15x6 and 15x7's. I haven't decided on backspacing yet. What should I get? I have decided on 225/60/15 back, what should I get up front, I am not too concerned with fat tires up front, I want pretty good clearence thought. I was thinking a 205/60/15 or maybe a 215/55/15. What do you all think? What backspacing do I need? I have the Granada Diskbrakes up front. Thanks, Tim
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Why not 16s? The only reason I ask is that the size difference (appearance wise) is negligble AND if you ever change your brakes in the future you will have the clearance you will need. Price for the wheels and tires is not much more either.

Just think you might be happier with the 16s in the long run. From a guy who outgrew 16s (hehe).

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I have TTII 15X7 on all 4 corners with Wilwood's in front. Brake clearance is not a problem. On the TTII's in 15X7 3.75" is the standard backspacing and it works with stock brakes. Anything other than that is custom offset and is extra. A lot extra. Like $75 a wheel extra. I'm curious why you want to use a narrower wheel in front. I've been told this has a negative affect on handling and the 15X7 will fit. I'm using 205 60 15 BFG's front and back. There were some clearance issues in front, due to my suspension, which is lower. You may need to roll your fender lips, which is really no big deal.

Also, not to confuse anyone. The standard backspacing wheels WILL NOT work with wilwood disks due to the well documented track change. I had to switch the fronts to 4 1/8 BS. If there is ANY POSSIBILITY that you will replace your brakes with aftermarket models, you should do that BEFORE, or in conjunction with replacing your wheels.

Also, there are pics on my sight of the wheels, along with related information, if you have questions.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


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