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Tuning question, it's pinging

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I have a modified 302 with AFR heads and performance cam. I'm running 12 degrees intitial with 32 total on
my timing. the car is about 9.8-1 compresion, and I run 92 octane gas. I intalled light springs in my distibutor to get my timing to come in quick (read that this was a good thing). My car will ping if a bog
it down like 2k in 5th gear and then floor it. It doesn't ping once the RPM's have gone over about 3K.
Do I need to install some heavier springs in my distributor advance to keep the timing from advancing so quick? I'm going to get it dyno tuned soon, I want to get it close to optimize my dyno time. Any idea's
would be appreciated. I'm not running any vacuum advance.


1966 Mustang Coupe, 302 custom roller cam, holley 650dp,
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You should be able to run on pump gas with that compression. I've got 10.5:1 in my 302 and I have no problems with 92 octane and 14 initial and 39 total. At what rpm are you getting the total advance? You might try and put in a little heavier spring.

I was having a similiar problem with my 351W, but I've got over 11.5 compression. I was talking with the folk at century performance and they said that running a stick shift I'm going to have a little pinging. They told me to keep the rpm up a little bit.

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