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Tuning question, it's pinging

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I have a modified 302 with AFR heads and performance cam. I'm running 12 degrees intitial with 32 total on
my timing. the car is about 9.8-1 compresion, and I run 92 octane gas. I intalled light springs in my distibutor to get my timing to come in quick (read that this was a good thing). My car will ping if a bog
it down like 2k in 5th gear and then floor it. It doesn't ping once the RPM's have gone over about 3K.
Do I need to install some heavier springs in my distributor advance to keep the timing from advancing so quick? I'm going to get it dyno tuned soon, I want to get it close to optimize my dyno time. Any idea's
would be appreciated. I'm not running any vacuum advance.


1966 Mustang Coupe, 302 custom roller cam, holley 650dp,
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I had the identical problem with my Ranchero. That motor made 10.5:1 compression from the factory. After I had it bored .030 over(429 big block, heh) it would clatter on 93 octane pump gas when I romped on it. I had to run booster or lead additive to keep it from doing that or back my timing way down. I experimented around with the advance springs on my distributor but it never made the clatter go away.

Your timing is way low but I'm assuming you've retarded it to try and prevent the clatter. That has to be holding back your power. I'm surprised it doesn't spit back through the carb on you when you try and crank it. I have a bit more cam in my 289 than yours but I have to run 18 and 38 timing. If I lower my initial much it will catch the carb on fire from the spit back. My advance is all in by 2500 but it still seems a bit slow. I'm considering going to total timing and just running a 20 degree crank retard.

You can see my 65 fastback at:
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