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Help..all of sudden my turn signals went out! I checked all my fuses just to make sure nothing down there was my prob and I ran the wires and still nothing...I can get my hazards to work but no turn signals...Plus i got a new turn signal switch and i thought about placeiing it in the car..i hooked it up to the underdash harness and i'm still having the same problem..and one more question how do i switch the wires over into the white connector do they just pull out and then slide the new wires in....I"M LOST...P.s this is my first restro...thanks oh ya he's a 68 coupe std interior

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Hi, check the turn signal flasher it is about 1" in diameter and about 2-3" long should be under the dash on the drivers side it has an "L" shaped plug on the end if you can here the fourway flashers ticking follow that sound the turn signal flasher looks just like that. John

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