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Have another question for the experts out here...

Have a 66 convertible that is a 76B car.. When I got the car she had a maroon pony interior, with woodgrain wheel.. Decided to replace the seat covers but elected to go with the two-tone pony maroon/white combo.. Got that done and then found out (after looking) I needed white door panels for her to match.. Got those today and installed them..

My questions is this.. With the 2-tone interior, what color should my kick panels and dash be??? Looking at her, she needs a white dashboard, white steering column and white kick panels with the red carpet..

Mind you, this interior was all 66 red, or maroon.. Carpet is maroon, dash and dash pad are maroon, steering column is maroon, kick panels are maroon with maroon carpet, carpet is maroon too..

Just wondering what the correct 2-tone color combos were.
Thanks in advance, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a look at Mach1Pilot's 66 vert on the Mustang of the Month page. His interior is blue and white, but should be ok for a guide.
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