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The past week has been productive. I put a non-point setup on the 289 and it is runing so much smoother now. Repaired the window cranks on the convertible - man my wrist and fingers are all chewed up.

we put a new set of leaf springs on my son's coupe. i cannot believe how much difference they make. I cannot convey how much better his car rides and handles now. i drive a 96 bonneville and his is almost as smooth. i am still just blown away.

i am getting ready to put disk brake on front of the convertible.

off subject - this guy had a 65 fastback 2+2 for sale just down the road from me for 15K. it had a factory blower/turbo on it. it was awesome, but i thought it was a little high. fresh paint job. interior was a+. i was wish'n i had an extra 15k. i think someone bought it today....

thanks for letting me brag a little....


65 pony from ground up, inline 6 (son's car),
66 Red Convertible, 289(dad's car)

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I can feel your finger pain.
I just installed new window regulators and arms in my doors last weekend. I still have scratches on five knuckles.
But can I not tell you how nice the windows roll up and down now.

We'll heal!



65 I6 200 Coupe (Daily Driver)

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It feels good to get stuff done doesn't it!! I haven't done anything to my stang in 2 weeks!! I know, I'm bad. What can I say??? hehehe

65 coupe 302
(rebuilding a 351W)

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I usually get to work on mine about every couple of days. It's a shame, when life has to get in the way of our fun isn't it?
'67 Coupe project car (Did I say project car? I meant pile of rust)
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