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Uh-oh! Power disc MC on a power drum car?

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I'm converting Dees67 from manual drums to power drums. I bought a reman booster/MC from
AutoZone a few weeks back and got it on the car last week. This weekend I went to fit new lines
from the distribution block to the MC and discovered that the front port on the MC has a larger
threaded fitting than the rear port, which is 5/8". This larger port has me concerned that I might
have been given a MC for a power front-discs/rear-drum setup. So can someone who's been
down this road help me out with these Qs:

1. Does a larger port fitting automatically mean more pressure?

2. I thought the front (closest to radiator) port on a MC is usually connected to the rear brakes
and vice versa. If so, why would the larger port on the MC be in the front?

3. Did power drum brake cars use the distribution block that has the low pressure switch in it?
All the vendors I've seen list that switched block as a disc brake block.

4. If this IS a power disc MC, can I use it on my power drum setup? Do I need to make any changes
to the system to do so? Should I return it to Auto Zone?

Stumped in NH...

'67 C-code 'vert (Dees67)
'69 GT FB (project car)
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How can I tell if a port has a check valve in it? And I thought the check valves were for
disc brakes and that drums brakes did _not_ have the check valve. But from what
you're saying, I've got that backwards?

'67 C-code 'vert (Dees67)
'69 GT FB (project car)
Check out my band: Brickyard Blues
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