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under the vinyl

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I just took the vinyl top off my 66 coupe and it is solid rust and the metal is really pitted. What can I do to save some $ before I take it to the body shop to have the holes patched? (Sand, etc) Should I just sand off all of the rust and hit it with primer? It is pretty solid in some spots and real thin in others, as I said there is even some spots where it has rusted all the way through which I need to have a body guy patch. I am not going to put a vinyl top on when I'm done.

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Has the body shop seen the damage? If so then use some rust remover to get the rust out. The holes that go all the way thru will need a patch. The entire roof will need to be stripped. Then after all the rust is gone & patches are welded in, prime & start your bondo filling. Then sand, prime, fill, sand, prime etc...

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