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unlimited performace products

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anybody order from them? they have the qp flares for 40 bucks each which is more in my budget. i just dont wanna get pos's in the mail. if i must then ill get the 250 dollar ones. anybody know whats up? thanx
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As Johnpro get what you pay for. UPP is one of the cheapest manufacturers out there, but the product reflects it. Their hoods work fine as relatively lightweight engine covers but they are full of imperfections. They would be appropriate for a race car. While I was at the shop I checked out a couple other hoods that were waiting for pickup and they looked pretty good. Mine is okay, but they ground one side straight and one side crooked. But it was cheap, and I needed a hood quick, so I took it.

If you decide to order from them, do it with a credit card...that way you can do a chargeback if they give you the run around. Although you will have a significant amount tied up in shipping that would be un-refundable.

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