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This is an update to my original post earlier this month. I had re-built a 289 and it would stall whenever I put a load on it. After many good suggestions and hours of trying your suggestions, I'm almost embarrassed to tell what the problem was.

I had used a popular small block ford rebuilding guide for the re-build. This book contained a diagram of the distributor w/ cylinder numbers for both 351 and 289 engines. The diagram was wrong. In the same book, the firing order for the 289 was provided and to make the story short, I had 3 cylinders mis-wired.

Anyhow, thanks for all of the support. During the process I learned more about timing, vacumm and idle adjustments than I ever knew before.

Engine runs really strong, can't touch the pedal w/o spinning the tires (one of them that is).

Thanks Again,


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I like the 351W firing order myself. The guy who bought my 79 T-bird probably when through the same thing when he went to do a tune-up. It has a 302 motor with a 351W cam. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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