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Well, first of all, thank you folks for your suggestions and advice. Tonight I took off the wire opposite #3 on the distributor. Guess what? That did the same thing. Nothing. This led me to think the whole firing order was off. Look in the book again. Next to the 351 firing order is the order for the 302. "What the heck" says I, why not. Guess what? It worked. The builder apparently put a Boss 302 cam in the beast. The distributor gear is also different , so that got chewed up within 10 miles, but my parts store had the right gear and after changing the gear the car is now running. Young Son and I are very happy. Some minor jobs to complete like finding out why the alternator isn't charging and tucking up some wiring and it will be road worthy.
By the way, it has no problem rolling smoke off the left rear tire. I just hope the boy keeps his foot out of the throttle. I told him if he gets a ticket the motor goes into my 79 Step Side and he can put his dismantled 289 back in by himself. I hope the threat works! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Well, it's almost Midnight and this Old Fart needs to get to bed.
Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about my weekend experience as the photographer for one of the two car shows in town. 135 pictures....
Again, thanks for your help. It's nice to have so many really nice folks to turn to. I mean it.

Nite all.


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Glad it worked out....pretty common to see aftermarket 289/302 cams in W's, although I used the W firing order cam in the race car.

Chalk one up to overlooking the obvious..*G*

I am a bit confused about the distributor gear going the cams in 289/302's and W's are interchangeable (with the right firing order *G*), what do you think caused this failure? Someone stuck a gear from another Ford engine type on the distributor? Or, maybe someone had run a roller cam in there at one time without using the right gear? The reason I ask is that I've built a fair amount of these engines over the years and never have seen a distributor gear go...usually, I never give them a second thought...

Glad you have an open rear in the car....kid can boil tire to heart's content but at least the car will stay straight ...hehehe
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