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oK FINE - I'll repost in here since no one reads the old forum anymore! Where's the loyalty!!...ha ha

Thanks for the help with the adjustments (midlife). Cranking on the lock nut helped a bunch. Another question that popped up as I was adjusting and reading my Haynes manual - how do I know when the clutch bearing is lightly touching the clutch release "fingers"?

The manual mentions that I should adjust the clutch lever rod so that the clutch fork is pressing the clutch release bearing so that it lightly contacts the release fingers but I'm not sure where this is.

Any tranny experts out there? =)


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You can feel the throwout bearing engage the pressure plate fingers as you press the clutch in. The adjustment is supposed to, according to the Ford manual, be about 1 1/8" .

So just press in the clutch until you can "feel" the difference. Adjust the so it is 1 1/8 inches

Good luck

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