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Update on Cylinder Heads

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Checked out the heads closer toady. They are '65 289 Hi-Po heads! That means they'll already have the screw-in studs, and I think the valve size will be sufficient. They already have the hardened seats in for the exhuast (but they haven't been ground yet). The intake seats and the guides I can do at school... So, upon sandblasting them, and further inspection, it looks like I'll probably do some port work, the rest of the seats and guides, and throw in some S/S valves, and hopefully some roller rockers.

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<make note to self....must get new friends>

Wow, someone is just giving you a set of HiPo heads?

Unless you're doing a K-coder resto, personally, I'd just sell them for mega bucks and put the money towards a set of complete alloy'll be way ahead in the performance area...

Take a look at a recent post of mine for some images of what to look will possibly confirm information you already have...

In any event, free heads are like candy....I'm always up for a bite..*G*

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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