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Update on freebie '65

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When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is *LOL*. The car is not just there for the taking, the guy wants $1000 for it, and I'd be lucky to get $200 in parts for it!

Usually I can look at a basketcase and think "it can be fixed". I looked at this one and quickly saw a good candidate for crushing *LOL*. Rustiest piece of junk I've ever looked at. It wouldn't be worth hauling off ... and I think the guy needs the $1000 to help his crack problem!

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i think i saw that car. is it from minnisota?
the one i looked at here had raccoons living in it, they would go in and out threw the rust holes in the floor. there is nothing like going to look at a car and a guy bring out a gun because he thinks he may get one of them!

Ain't that the way it always goes? Some idiot thinks he has a gold mine.....ahh shoot, almost isn't worth looking at some of them.

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I noticed a 64.5 coupe tukjed back in the woods near my house that looked like it could be saved so I helped myself to a free look. Drivers side looked OK till I got closer and realiized the the car had been hit on the right front and whole passenger side was just about caved in. Could have been a pretty good parts car for somebody cause it still had wire hiubcaps and lot's of little goodies attached but there it sat sinking in the mud under a growing pile of pine needles.
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