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Went by the owners house that has it and gave it the once over this evening. To make a long story short, a good friend the owner works with is purchasing it for me for sending him a LOT of work. Kind of a thank you gift. But anyhow, it is a '66, not a '65 as I thought. Even better, since I like the '66 dash better. But all floor pans are shot, front frame rail on drivers side, torque boxes, and trunk floor too. That's OK though, I've just about done all this to my FB, so I'm experienced. But the inside of the shock towers are rusted badly. It was a Pennsylvania car. With all this cutting, I see a Custom Rod and Motorsports Mustang II front suspension going in. But on the up side, the sheet metal is in good shape with the exception of the fender bottom and quarters. Hood and trunk look new, as do the tops of the quarters around the top.Original rear out of my GT FB (mine now has the Versailles rear) and maybe a big old honkin' 351W or maybe a new DOHC 4.6? Anyhow, that's YEARS down the road. I just have to store it under the porch until then. Now where am I going to park my riding mower?
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