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Thanks for all the advice on what to do with the AC when I pulled the engine. I decided to save what little coolent was left and tied the unit to the side of the bay and work around it as best I can.

The engine came out and is mostly apart. I will bring it to the rebuild shop when I get a chance, right now I am cleaning parts and stripping the engine bay. By the way kudos to the guy at the Intermountain Mustang and all Fords show that said to get a paint stripper and a brillow pad. Its working better then I could have hoped. Got half the bay stripped in 4 hours. Hardly any sanding needed.

Also think I should say hi to Epperstang and LayneUT, saw you both at the show but you were with people so I decided not to interrup you guys. Hope you had fun, and epper, I hope your hubby got back to Kaos in time for the judges :D

thanks again to all more questions to come when I go to put it all back together and I will post pics as soon as I get this Linix box up.
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