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Some of you recall my recent post about my friends truck I'm thinking of buying. I found out it had the 302cid motor rebuilt about 50,000 miles ago, and is loaded as most of you mentioned. It needs the front bucket seat's recovered and new carpet, that's it.

I offered her $2000 for it as Pat suggested and she accepted. BUT...... She's uncertain she wants to sell it to me, because she feels everytime she came over to our house, it would bring back to many memories of her husband who recently committed suicide.

I explained it would be parked behind the fence in my R.V. parking area, and she would probably never see it. but she was still hesitant. So I told her "No Pressure" if you decide that's what you want to do, I'll back you 100%. So unless she decides to do a complete 180, I probably will have to continue to drive a chevy truck /forums/images/icons/mad.gif O'well, Her needs, are more important than my wants right now.


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