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Converted my AC to R134a this weekend. Worked fine. Used the Wal-Mart kit + a pressure meter. It cools as well as it did before w/ R-12.

Also, found I was running too lean, adjusted Idle on the Ebrock 1405 richer (two full turns out) and it runs much cooler. Also, the timing was a TDC, and I pushed it out to 10 BTDC. Wow, what a difference in performance.

Now I've got AC again, it does not overheat (well a little, but a shroud ought to take care of that) and lots o' ponies. Fun Fun!! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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Kept everything. all original: compressor, condensor, dryer, evaporator, etc.

Not to say I've read where this won't work, but I spoke to a couple people that had done it (those that replied to previous posts were theorizing, as best I could tell) but when I was at wal-Mart I ran into a guy who does this for a living. The only thing he recommended was take the cover off the expansion valve, and screw in an alan adjustment 2 full turns, because R134a runs higher pressure than R12.

I could not find the valve, or If its what I think it is, would have required removing the evaporator unit under dash, which I chose not to do.
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