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Updated my Website.. It a real car now.

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Wee I finally got around to posting a few pics on my website. I even updated my sig pic to something that is not 2 years old.
I will be firing it up when I get back from Seattle.
I just might make Woodward Cruise 2002 just yet.
Things still left to do..
Engine break in
Rocker molding..Still waiting on chrome trim since Dec!
Cowl, front bumper, turn signals
Get mt wheels mounted P245 60 R 14 Radial TA's
Put dash pad on ( last thing)
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That's looking very nice.
Wow! Looks great...I'm biased to the Mach 1 but that color just adds to the cool factor.
Excellent looking car, I like it! I hope it runs as good as it looks.
I leave tomorrw morning till Monday. Going out for a wedding of a collage buddy and staying at another buddy who lives in Sumner. Never visited Seattle before. Looks very cool on the internet. It will be nice to see some green grass as it has not rained in MI in over a month.
Web Site is looking good Mark! The car is even better. My 9 year old son Jeb said he would be glad to help you test that car out if needed.
He says to properly test it you have to put it in fast speed and press the gas ALL THE WAY DOWN.
Wonder if I'll be paying high INS premiums on him? LOL.
[email protected]
Well if you have the time this is the weekend of the Mustang Round-up in Bellevue. Wa. at Bellevue Community College. Saturday is the judged show, usually between 100-150 for that and Sunday is the peolpes choice show between 1100-1500 cars on Sunday. Friday is is pony trails drive. They are trying to beat last years number of cars which was 225 on the cruise. If your interested send me a PM and I'll tell you more.
WOW! That is one BE U T FULL car. I love that color. That has always been my fav on the 70's.
Very nice. Many of us are well aware of all the work that you have put into this car. Oh yeah, the color is . . . well . . . groovy!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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