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Upgrading clutch system, need advice

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I picked up my fastback yesterday and it now has a 3.55 posi. After taking it around the block a few times I have decided that even though this car will not be driven much that I am going to upgrade the clutch. I was wanting some advice on what systems others are using and what they recommend. Thanks
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I too have 3.55 posi. I went with the Centerforce setup... I love it. Also have a T-5 behind it. 5th gear is great on the highway. I have the standard Zbar on the clutch linkage..I have thought about upgrading to a cable clutch one day..
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I highly recommend getting a diaphram pressure plate. They usually have better holding power, And the most important thing is they use LESS leg pressure to operate. Get the whole kit plus a late model "roller" pilot bearing.
My set has the Zoom brand on it but on the manufactuer was listed as Perfection HYTEST. Part number was HP30-1A. It includes a 30% stronger diaphram pressure plate, a kevlar disc, a throw out bearing, and a clutch alinement tool. I think I paid $133 on sale. The roller pilot bearing I got at the local parts store for about $10.

This set up is much easyer to use than the original clutch. I have the original Z bar. My '68 302 now puts out over 350 flywheel HP. I have a Tremmec 3550. Usually run a 4.10 or 3.8 rear. This is a driver, not a strip machine. Last summer I did a 5,000 mile trip and cruised at 95 MPH for hundreds of miles at a time (3.8 @3200rpm). Never put a wrench to it durring the three week trip and averaged 18+ mpg (remember the 95 PMH cruising, well throw in CA traffic and ideling for hours, yes hours, in stop & go traffic).
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