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Upholstery 67/68

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I have a chance to get some upholstery for my bench seat. I need to know if there is any difference between a 67, and 68 front bench seat. Are the the same? can the upholstery for a 67 fit a 68 bench seat.

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I think the '67 will fit on the '68 as the seats are similar; however, the upholstery itself is very different. The '68 has the insert pleats vertical whereas the '67 has them horizontal. The sides are different too in that the bracket that attaches the seat back to the seat bottom is covered by chrome trim for '67. The '68's are covered by a color-keyed plastic cover. In my opinion the '67 upholstery just wouldn't look right on the '68, although I do prefer the '67's appearance over the 68's.

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