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Is there anyone out there that can suggest any book or tips on re-doing upholstry. Have just got my palomino interior for my 65 Project and having spring fever to get more done.

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If there is a Barnes and Noble or Borders book store around you you can go in and read some and see which is the best.
My book was just the standard restoration guide and was sufficent. 65 seats are easy, try doing '70 high backs!
What is a Palimino upholstery kit?

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65/66 upholstry is pretty easy, but does takes some patience and a few tricks. I assume youve got the Distinctive or TMI upholstry? There's LOTS of info on the old VMF forum on this, do a search on "Upholstry" and read up.You'll probably get more from that than any book. Here's a couple tricks I learned the hard way:

- Heat up the upholstry before installation, like over a heater vent or something. Makes it MUCH easier to stretch over the frame/foam

- Use a soldering iron to burn the holes into the upholstry for hinge pins. Makes stronger, cleaner holes

- Order more hog rings than you think you'll need.Several places offer kits that include hog ring pliers and supposedly enough rings for complete installation. You'll screw up a few rings and run out, order extras!

- Be sure to retrieve all the wire pieces in the seams of the old upholstry for use with the new. If you lose some, or it's too mangled to use, you can make these pieces with a coat hanger

Other than that, just pay close attention to how the old upholstry comes off, and you shouldn't have too much trouble putting the new on. This is, in my opinion, one of the more gratifying do-it-yourself projects. Good luck!

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yes, definitely search the old forum and ye shall learn all the secrets!
...but a couple more
buy the good(expensive) hog ring pliers-avoid the cheapies, your hands will thank you.

after installing upholstery, use a heat gun/hair dryer to shrink out any minor wrinkles you may have made. it works

good luck
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