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UPS - NPD (vent)

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Sorry guys but I need to vent and my work mates do not understand car issues. I ordered parts from NPD which included Rear Leaf Springs. I received my parts except the springs. UPS kept saying the address is wrong. I live in a new house on a new street but I did get the other box of parts, so they know how to find me. They even tried to send it to the same address in another city.

This morning when I looked up the tracking number, I find it is back in Florida. I called NPD and all they say was it a UPS problem (I know that but I want my parts if finish my work). NPD did call UPS and they are rerouting it back to me. I called UPS here in Dallas and they say they will watch to make sure it get to me but I am still mad.

Thanks for letting me use the forum to vent.

John L. Anschutz
Allen, TX
68 Diamond Blue Coupe - 302
68 Acapulco Blue Coupe - I6 - 200