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urgent help needed 999 ford history report

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can anyone help i went to register one of my fastbacks here in the uk and i only had a copy of the title the original got lost the vro office (DMV) to you guys refused my application they need a letter from ford 999 report to prove the year of the car can anyone help in getting me a report and posting it out to or get the contact details to get a ford report.the car is a 65 fastback 5FO9C640956 and i also need one for my 68 gt mustang 8T02J178271 regards javed
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Call 1-800-392-3673 to get your 999 Report
He is in the UK.

The number won't work for him.
Well that's a problem.
You won't be able to get one on the 65 Fastback, as Ford doesn't go back that far. You can on the 68 but it may take a while. You might try emailing Kevin Marti. He has all of the old Ford records going back to 1967 and could get a Report on the 68 faster than Ford probably. Although his reports aren't free, but well worth the price. His email is [email protected]
thanks guys could not get any luck with ford in u.s.a but ford of canada put me onto ford uk where there is someone that can issue a letter of confirmity which i need to prove the year of the car to our vro(dmv) phew! apparently they can access all ford stuff worldwide.regards javed
it won't be fast. i requested my '68 999 on Jan 7. early Apr I called to check status and was informed that I had given them an invalid VIN (BULL). reorered it and am wailting. you will not get a 999 for your '65 because they did not have them until '67 i believe. they do give out something like an "as built" form that told assy line people what to put on vehicle. with all this agony if you still want these i will attempt to get them. additionally for the '65 you need door tag number whatever that is. you can also request it by calling Ford Service number that i do not have at myk fingertips. send me a PM if you want it and in meantime will try to locate it. oops-found it from sheet i was helping a fellow VMFer from Denmark getting his - it is (800) 392-3673. you get amenu via voice and just choose "service" i believe.
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i sent off for a history 999 report for you a little while ago, they are sending it to me and then i will forward it onto you when i get it......jace
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