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I am also a member of a forum for my F250 and Excursion and one of the members posted this...

::I admit it, the front page hooked me, but the article was very interesting. But instead of a V-10 based on the 5.4 V-8, this V-10 was based on the 4.6. So it was a 5.8 liter V-10. 4600 divided by 8 times 10 = 5750 cubic centimeters. The 6.8 is of course based on the 5.4, 5400 divided by 8 times 10 = 6750 cubic centimeters. It's all one off, custom made, skunk works type stuff but wow, it's just killer. 430 hp and 405 ft lbs of naturally aspirated torque (which makes me grind my teeth that the 6.8 is SO down on hp compared to what it could/should be) in the 351 cu in V-10. Motortrend couldn't keep the tires hooked up through any of the first 3 gears. Even with the hides boiling through first, second and third it still went 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. With slicks the article said that sub 4 seconds were definitely possible. Ford put the 1970 "BOSS 351" decals on the sides, right where the 70 Mustang had them. Ford says it's strictly a research mule and it will never be built, but Dodge said the same thing about the Viper, the Prowler, the PT snoozer, er uh, Cruiser. So if the public shows enough interest, well, ya never know ? Stranger things have happened. Who would have guessed 10 years ago while haulin butt in your 460 that you'd be driving a 10 cylinder Ford pick up ? ::

How sweet this would be.....Does anyone know a Ford Exec? If so could we lobby for it? If not can we lobby for it anyway?

Mel ::
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