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V8 conversion for 67

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I am rebuilding a 67 fastback for my wife. I had it on the road last year with the 6, but this winter I have rebuilt a 302 out of an 82 Lincoln....sentimental value and I already have it. I will be in Kissimmee Fl. next week and hope to get most of the conversion parts while I'm there, oil pan, motor and frame mounts. Does anyone know of any source in the area, In Canada suppliers are few and far between.
Also does anyone know if the bell housing from a C4-289 will fit an 82 302.....I usually get the blank stare and a vague I think so or why not?
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Bellhousing will fit-bolt on no problem as long as it is a 65 and up 6 bolt bell. The problem you might have is getting the correct flywheel to work with your 82 engine (52 oz. balance) vs the earlier flyweel (with 28 oz).You may be alright just using the 82 flywheel, as long as there is no starter interference.Others here have done this so I am sure they can help more.

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You can get a general idea here about the requirements...the page is for a 65-66 but many of the procedures are the same...

Bellhousing will bolt up but you may have some flexplate conflicts...try a search for "50oz" on the old VMF here and see what pops up....

Most of the parts you need can be purchased in the US and shipped or you can find a V8 Mustang rust bucket parts car in your area and strip it...

Good luck...

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