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Vacuum line - where`s it go??

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64.5 289 / Auto - Off the intake manifold behind the a block threaded into the manifold for vacuum - 1 hose goes to the brakes the other is plugged off(by previous owner)Does anybody know where this hose is supposed to go?I was thinking it went to the air cleaner assembly?Thanks,Lee
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It goes to the modulator valve on the automatic transmission.
As ivygreen65 said, it goes to the tranny. The tranny will NOT shift without it, not even manually.

Any chance you could get a picture of this part for me?

I am looking for this part for my 66 289 2v.


I have power brakes and auto transmission.

The fitting on the intake manifold only has one outlet port that runs to the Power Booster vacuum check valve.

The line to the auto transmission comes off a second nipple on the vacuum check valve.


I just purchased a new power booster in order to upgrade to dual master cylinder.

There is only one fitting on the vacuum check valve.

I need to run the transmission line some place else.

I am looking for the exact part that you mentioned with the two output ports to replace the part I have with the one output port.

I am having a hard time trying to locate the part.

A picture sure would halp.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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