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Value of coup chassie?

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I was wondering what the value of a rolling chassie and good body on a coup was. It has been V-8 swapped. The enterior is restorible. The engine and tranny were taken out of the car. It is a '66. Can anybody give me the price value of the car? I am not looking to sell the car. I just want to know the value.
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Ok, I'll jump in on this one, since I am looking for a project myself. First of all, it's worth as much as the buyer wants to pay.

That being said, other guidelines might be "What can it be parted out for" - "the hassle of parting it out".

If it is a correctly swapped over car, with v-8 running gear and brakes, driveshaft, interior and glass, AND the body is in above average condition compared to an unrestored Original V-8, I might give $500 for it. If I were really interested, I might go to $800. Just not much interest in v8 conversions as restoration candidates (especially with front drums). This is my opinion, you may feel differently.
I have to go with Paulwall on this..$500 to $800..seems fair
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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