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Valve Cover Identification

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Anybody know what these vintage valve covers are? They came on a 289 I bought many years ago. Are they anything special, or trash can filler? What might they be worth?
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Are they aluminum? I think that they look kinda cool. Those would look pretty neat on a motor.

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Yeah, they're aluminum. I bead blasted them just before taking the picture. They were originally polished.
If you don't like them and want to get rid of them, send me an email. I think that they'd look good on my little 302.

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66 coupe 302
66 fastback 351W
Do they have any kind of name or marking on the underside of the cover?

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No markings of any kind.
I think they would look great painted to match the car's body color. That would be alot easier than polishing them anyway.


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See your post "Nothing Like The VMF" for an answer.

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I think these would look real cool if you laid down a corporate blue background in the oval behind the horse and shot them with clear.

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