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What Mustang vendors do you prefer?? I've bought from Mustangs Plus, Mustangs Unlimited, and Mustang Country. All with good experience. Any good vendors with good prices?? Thanks!!

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I buy the Mustang parts almost exclusively from NPD now because of their price and customer service. I buy the performance parts almost exclusively from Summit for the same reasons.

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I prefer using National Parts Depot (NPD). They are competitively priced and have great customer service from my experiences. Tried using CJ Pony Parts but experienced very poor customer service and mislabeled/missing parts. Just my opinion---but NPD is the way to go for me.

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I keep a big stack of catalogs on my desks. NPD is usaly cheaper and I have mostly gotten good service.

I use Dallas Mustang when they are cheaper of I need it now (since I am in the Dallas Area)..

I also used Paddock when I can not find it anywhere, they have it.

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Another vote for NPD and CJ's Pony parts. NPD has a warehouse in Michigan, and I usually get my
parts within 2 business days here in Illinois. CJ's is about the same.


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I've got catalogs from most of the major parts dealers. I check which place has it cheapest and I order it from there. was nice when they had their coupon, but some things get backordered for a long time. If you're not in a hurry they would be good. Check my links to order catalogs....

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