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I know this post is going to be the death of me, but O'well here goes! ::

I have been using Seller Assistant Pro to list all of my auctions. I have been using it for a couple of years now, but their latest update has turned the entire software package into mush. I have been working for 3 days trying to recover from the newest update, and trying to get it to work correctly, but it has so many glitches in it now, it's history. Their tech support sucks and was no help at all, and now they won't even bother to email me back, as I think I brought up some new stuff they were unaware of. I thought maybe it was just me or my computer at work, so I tried it at home and after uploading the updated version at home, it crashed everthing there as well. I have lost 2 years worth of database, so I have decided to cut it loose, cancel my subscription and look elsewhere for a better software and tech support.

Any of you using other Bulk Listing Software or Management type software for eHay that is easy to learn, and works pretty good? I'm looking for something that I can make my own templates with, and be able to send automatic emails out at the end of the auctions. and some of the other base features. Anything else out there worth looking at?

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