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Very (Scary) Loose front end on 66, any suggestions?

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I have a 66 Convert that I finally got on the road after a bunch of engine work. Once at highway speeds and large bump in the road sends the car swerving of the's very sketchy to say the least. Any suggestions (Do I need a susp rebuild?) I have not messed with the suspension yet at all (Except new shocks up front). However, the engine mods have left my car about 75-90 pouns lighter up front. Now the body rests way higher (I am planning new coils with a 1 inch drop)

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New bushings throughout (marerial is your choice), a 1" sway bar with polyurethane bushings and those new coil springs should help a bunch. Also, check for play in the steering linkage and control arms. Look for cracks if your control arms if they are originals. Good luck!

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