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Very (Scary) Loose front end on 66, any suggestions?

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I have a 66 Convert that I finally got on the road after a bunch of engine work. Once at highway speeds and large bump in the road sends the car swerving of the's very sketchy to say the least. Any suggestions (Do I need a susp rebuild?) I have not messed with the suspension yet at all (Except new shocks up front). However, the engine mods have left my car about 75-90 pouns lighter up front. Now the body rests way higher (I am planning new coils with a 1 inch drop)

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I'm dealing with that same thing right now. Except, I've got sever inner tire wear, which means the camber is off (toed in) - an alignment problem. It is scary going 115 mpg and feeling like you're on the water.

Here's my plan, which tends towards cheap first then more expensive.

1. New springs (620 and lowered an inch). You may choose less stiff springs.
2. Alignment (one place already said it did not need it, but I didn't believe them)
3. Determine if the Power Steering Control Valve Ball Stud need replacing (the same guy who said he couldnt align it, said the ball stud was real loose.)

What that guy probably did not know was that the car must be running to check for play on the ball stud.

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