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vin plates

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My name is Diego I live in argentina

I have a 1970 mustang that have no vin plates
the one on the door and the one close to de dash pad are missing .
Someone know if the car have the vin in other place?
Someone say look in the fender appron , but I do not know which part of the fender is the "apron".
The only plate in the fender is a plate that have a number (d0af-12ais4b) a Ford logo on it and the word STAMCO.
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Open up the hood and look at the drivers side of the car where the fender bolts to the engine compartment. Somewhere around that area the VIN in stamped on my '67, I don't know if it is the same on a '70.

There should be a vin stamped where Evan stated. I don't know what the numbers you gave are. There not anything like a VIN. Good luck! If you need help decoding your vin post it here.

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I don't think on the 70's you can see the Vin on fender aprons without moving back fender some, I know I can't see any numbers on my 70 project car, but then again most of the inner fender tops are rotted away, but I have never pulled a fender.

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That number you found seems like a VIN but if your Mustang was built in Mexico or Venuzuela (sorry if I misspelled) then your VIN will not look the same as the US counter part.

Mr Dave Hammar has a website you might find interesting:

Hope it loads for you, it's timed out on me quite a bit

Dean T.

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Yeah, it does that sometimes :)

Actually, though, the number Diego quoted sounds far more like it identifies an ignition-related electronic component, though precisely which one I couldn't say. The "Fender Apron" refers to the top of the inner fender -- the part that the outer fenders bolt to. Mustangs built in Mexico and Venezuela, however (can't say for the Peruvian ones) didn't use this location as far as I know (though for 1970's, I don't know that for sure) -- so if you can't find anything after pulling back the fenders, you might also check the shock tower and the post in *front* of the door, as you might have a foreign-built Mustang.

Hope any of this helps.
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