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Going to try a new little business venture so bear with me. Haven't figured everything out yet but here what I have to offer

1. Fully outfitted garage
2. Decade of experience wrenching on my mustangs and friends mustangs.
3. Services offers: basic maintenance, mechanical repairs and upgrading, mild to full resto (cars requiring paint/body work I will sublet to my own painter contact and you can view his work on my own cars)
4. What/how we can do it: Full service....I do it all, you pay/supply majority of parts (no markup from me), you will pay labor rates and any small things I just sourced as needed, you can help/participate and we can agree on break down of work and take it from there, you can rent the garage for a day and do your own stuff.

PM me to find out more as I try to get this off the ground
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