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vinyl on stangs y/n

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my 71 coupe has a vinyl top as many other years as question is how many people like the vinyl and what years if any do they look the best on.also do these tops help in the value on some stangs.
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I am not sure that there is a greater value for a Mustang with a vynil top. However personally, I think the 65-68 coupe looks a lot sharper with a vinyl top. That is, a black vinyl top.

Personal preference though. But I don't think it affects the value either way.

69 Fastback 302 2v 3sp. trans.
I don't like them. They can hold water and make a good
home for rust. I have seen them come loose at the front
and rip themselves off on the highway!
Had a white GT/CS, black stripes and vinyl roof, looked very smart.

68 GT500
68 1/2 CJ Coupe

MCA# 18519
i like the black vinyl top's too. Mine's white, is there a way to dye it? i wouldn't think the usual vinyl paint would hold up outside the car very well.

Matt Williams
67 coupe, 289
my top will be new black of course it was cheap are they difficult to install myself.i think the tops give the car more of a persona and cuts down on the bulky look simular to a vert with the top up
My '66 has a black vinyl top. I think it makes the car look a little more formal -- whether you like that or not is a matter of taste. The *good* thing is, with fewer cars having vinyl tops, it becomes a more distinctive feature. I've actually had people come up to me and say that old Mustangs never came with vinyl tops!

Cecil Bozarth

1966 GT Coupe (Tahoe Turquoise with black pony interior)

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Somebody took the vinyl top off of mine but when I redid the car I put it back on looks good with it. John

Opal frost pearl metallic 67 coupe
also have a 95 opal frost pearl G/T BOSS edition convertible belongs to swmbo
My 66 coupe came with the vinyl top, but i am taking it off, i think it makes it look like an older persons car (no offense).


First car was my dream car (66 Coupe)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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