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The O/T part is that this involves a '68 J-code Cougar instead of a Mustang. I'm wondering if I committed a Doofus and also need help with next steps.

Today, I finished taking the drip moldings off without damaging them. The can opener and wood chisel approach works extremely well. I also stripped off the old vinyl top, including the thin stainless steel piece that sits down inside the rain gutter. However, I may have committed a Doofus in the process. I thought the color-keyed molding at the base of the vinyl top was glued in place and ended up breaking off the end nearest the passenger rear side window. Is this a readily available part that trim shops will have or is the award momentarily all mine?

Next, I need to figure out how to remove the moldings around the windshield and rear window. Since they are in excellent condition, I don't want to damage them (the moldings or the glass). How do I get them off and what tools work best?

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
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