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Hi all,
Newbie here. I've read some of the info going back and forth and wonder if anyone can help me.

I'm looking for a good procedure for preping and installing a new vinyl top on my 66 Coupe. I have the old one off, front and rear glass out. I have a few rust spots to repair, then I'm ready to install the new top. I have one on order and plan to use 3M 8090 adhesive.

Any input...?

Thanks in advance.

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After you get all the rust areas cleaned out and repaired, You should get someone to help put the new top on. Messure the roof from side to side and mark the center, do the same on the new top.Use chalk.. Before installing warm the top up good either by letting it sit on the roof in the sun for awhile or in a drier for about 5 minutes. This will help get the wrinkles out and also will soften the material. In the drier it will shink a bit if you leave it to long. Once you get that all sorted out lay the top on the roof so that the center marks you made line up. I take it you got the spray adhesive, is so, roll the top back about 12 inches and spray a strip down the center line. With the help of a helper, Also spray the center line on the new top, same width.Then gently place the two glued areas to gether. Keep a good tight grib on the new top and stretch it over the glued areas so there are no wrinkles or bubbles. This is the hardest part, getting it started.Once you have that area on. let it dry. Then gradually work your way across the roof doing a foot at a time. Be sure to pull it tight so you do not get any bubbles. At the front and rear windows, glue it so it overlapps where the window seal goes on, DO NOT trim anywhere until you are completely finished. When you have it on and glued right up to the raingutters,let iit dry..
If you have any bubbles in it, get a hypodermic needle and insert it into the bubble and suck the air out, the bubble will deflate and will adhere to the roof.
The big thing is take your time and do not get to much glue on it. If you have to pull the top back off any glued area you have to reclean it all again and start over up to that point.Any rolled up glue under the top will show up as lumps after you are finished.
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