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Virgin In My Garage.....

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I started peeling off the accessories from my most recent purchase. After pulling the clutch, I pulled off the flywheel of this vintage 66 motor......
On the backside of the clutch....a large ORANGE blotch of paint. On the backside of the motor....another large blotch of orange paint.

So you engine gurus out there....what does this mean?

I do know the answer...just a little trivia!
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Original K code engines were marked with orange paint to alert the line workers at the engine plant. Once the blocks, and crank were tested, they were daubed, or sprayed with an orange marker. Since the orange is still on the block, I would guess it has never been rebuilt or molested. The paint would come off in the hot tank.

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unless it was some old fart with a can of paint in 85 who knw what he was doing when trying to match the motor to those fakes door tags /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
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