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Hurry, time is running out before we cut off registrations for the Third Edition of Tony Gregory's Book with the 289 HiPo Registry in it. You can register online at our new site:

Do you, or someone you know have an ORIGINAL 289 High-Performance, K-Code, Mustang? If so, and it's not registered in the '65-67 289 High-Performance Mustang Registry, please contact me immediately to get it registered. I am taking over stewardship of the registry from Tony Gregory as he is very busy with his business/new book. Please send your Door Tag information along with the state in which the Mustang now resides, Factory Options, condition of car, and mileage to:

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: (919)848-6786

Tony and I need this information in the next couple of weeks as we are working on a NEW Third Edition of his book, The 289 High-Performance Mustang; and registrations are going to be cut off for this edition. Part of the book contains the registry and statistics gleened from the registered cars. The new book will contain new pictures and more information on the K-Code Mustang we have dug up since the Second Edition of the book.

If your car is already registered, then you don't need to do anything unless you have some more information that was not available when you first registered it. We are also interested in a few pics of some MINTY, CONCOURSE CORRECT 289 HP engines, undercarriages, and cars- we particalarly need some '67s. Any totally special or unique "K" car owners should contact me also. Thanks in advance for your assistance with this project. Regards, Marv.
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