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VMF CF2 - TFOB Style (Long)

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Well I have a little time here to post my reflections on CF2.
I will start at the begining. we took off at 9:30am Thursday morning. Heading South. We were going to meet up with Cantedvalve somewhere near Joliet Illinois. We were keeping track of where we were via cell phone.
I knew I was going to have to watch my oil level because of the recent rebuild of the 429. I only had 800 miles on it before we took off.
Our first gas up was just inside the Indiana boarder 130 miles. I was down a little more than a quart of oil. Silly me I forgot to check the oil before we left. That was ok I brought 2 quarts of 20-50 valvoline with me. Put a quart in and took of after I called Cantedvalve on the phone to see how they were coming.
Lunch was in Joliet Illionios with Jim And Jenny (Cantedvalve and SWMBO). We ate and waited for them and waited and waited. They got caught in traffic. By the time they got to Burger King. Jim was sopping wet with sweat their car was so hot to travel in. Jim got something to eat we went next door to get gas. I checked the oil and it was a quart and a half low! Obviously I miss read the dip stick when I gased up earlier and it was down more than a quart. No problem put the other quart in and bought one, put half of that in. Headed down the road. Woo who!!! here we go. After about 140 miles the oil gage started to jump around, time for gas No problem. Pulled in and I was quart and half low again!!!!!!!!!
Now I am thinking, what the heck I am going through 1 quart every 100 miles!!! I am thinking all kinds of things. i guess I am going to have to see my engine builder when I get home.
We got the the Hampton about 9:00pm Iowa time. Took showers and went to the Cattle Ranch for dinner right next to the Hotel.
We had a lot of fun getting to know Jim and Jenny better.
Went back to the Hotel to go to bed, we were beat. Friday morning Cleaned the FBD up, had to pick Midlife up at the airport at 11:15am. He got in early and took the shuttle to the Hotel. Got a call from him while we were at the bag pickup. Ok no problem. we made the parking guards happy. One of them asked if he could park it for me. I said "Oh like in Ferris Beullers day off!!!" he says YAH! Nope. Sorry so he just asked me to lay some rubber for him. I did.
Went back to the Hotel met Midlife in the parking lot. As we were talking Clone drove up. The old gang is getting back together. We had a good time talking.
LAter we went to RED5I and talked to Bob, Teebone and Toni had just gotten in so Midlife and I went to go get them so we could have lunch at the Famous Italian resurant of choice.
I called their room from the lobby . Toni answerd the Phone. I pretended to be a Chinese guy wanting to take them free food from the "Hung Cow" Resturant. She hung up on me. Midlife and I busted a gut. I did get through and they came down. What a hoot we had at the resturant. We knew it was going to be a lot of fun from there out.
Now time to figure out the oil consumption. What the heck would do that? Well It cam down to the PCVvalve sucking oil out and through the carb. Yes I was smoking ask Canted he followed me the whole way /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
The way the Blue Thunder Cobra valve covers are made the baffle runs parallel to the opening and less than 3/4 of an inch from the top. So with the grommet in place you could take the PCV valve push on it a 1/16 of an inch and hit the baffle, any oil that made it up there would get sucked out. apparently a quart every 100 miles makes it up there. The first thing I did was disconnect the PCV valve from the back of the carb and cover the port. i left the PCV in place so it would still vent. Drove around the rest of the day and didn't use anymore oil. then I went to Auto zone and bought a breather cap with the hole in the top for a PCV valve. a length of 3/8 gas line ran the PCV with the breather cap to the front on the drivers side and the breather capthat was on the front to the back. it proved out. 520 miles home and less than a 1/3 of a quart used the whole way. CantedValve and I brain stormed on this one. The rest of the weekend is history. I won't rehash what has already been said. I think Clone and I gained a new respect for each other and each others cars. What a great time.
Oh I did win the " who drove tha farthest with their Mustang contest" 520 miles. I expect to be beat next year.
Clone and I called a tie for the burnout contest. I would not want to pick. It was a riot. I have not tried that with the 429 yet. and it blew me away. I am sure I had a smile ear to ear when I got done. everybody was yelling and hooping it up.
Then Bob took the clone and did his. It was great!!!!!!!!!!!! What a car that GT350clone is. We both beat the heck out of our cars and loved it. I think both cars liked it too /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
I have lots of pictures to post but my server is down right now. I have one of the famous "Marilyn Monroe" Pictures! I will post as soon as the server is back up.
Thank you to everyone who made this such a special weekend. SWMBO can't wait for next year already. She had a nice talk with Midlife Saturday night. Whcih makes me feel good. I know she is comfortable and enjoying herself when she will talk like that.

OH! How could I forget. No one mentioned the Chinese resturant incident. We were waiting for our food and right out side the place is a steep hill. A model A I think not sure could not make it up the hill. It was stuck on the hill, We jumped up and all ran out there. Pushed it up the hill and over the other side. Don't know how far the got but there was another hill farther down the road. I just hoped there was another resturant with guy's waiting to eat!
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I must say, I didnt know what to expect when you pulled up to "the line"
to do your burn out. I saw way more than I expected, even after seeing your
engine on display.

Way cool!

Reminded me of watching this guy tear ruts in the speed bumps in high school
with his 71 Mach 1. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

It was great to meet you, and hopefully you will get to see my vert some day!

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Ever seen those cartoons where the big guy goes into the steam room and comes out a toothpick? That is how I felt all day Thursday!!

Tony, it was a BLAST driving with you there! My wife and I LOVED meeting you and Deb. You are no longer allowed to drive there alone anymore, as it would be a waste of excellent companionship!

I see you CONVENIENTLY left out the part about you nearly turning your car into SCRAP METAL! Or how about the 5 miles of back tracking we had to do because we (both) missed the detour signs?! Ah, but I wouldn't have it any other way... it adds to the flavor!!

Oh and who can forget the geyser trick I did with my radiator!? Okay, it wasn't a trick, but it was pretty wicked!!

FBD has turned into a 1st Class vehicle. We always knew it had 1st class owners, but it was a little "green around the gills" last year. You sure remedied that problem!!! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

The interior work that Deb did just puts it over the top. If she EVER decides to strike out on her own, I know a bunch of cornfeeders would be first in line, myself included!

As for the burnouts - WOW! It was impressive to see Henry step up to the plate first with that beautiful Boss 429.... But after you and FBD did that first blast, I felt like the "302-lb" weakling that just found out he was fighting a "429-lb" Mike Tyson. I was the one feeling "green around the gills".

Actually I flogged Cloney a lot harder than I really wanted to, just to make a contest out of it. Kinda scary for both of us, knowing that we both had "long walks home".............It was borderline "clone abuse". I've always redlined that car at 6000 rpm, and the first run I came out of the hole at 6500 (and climbing). I can't wait to see the pictures from the second run, as the car just sat static - the only question was "How long do I want to sit in one place and abuse this thing?". I think I lost 10000 miles of rear rubber (and a 1/2" of asphalt from [color:red]bob</font color=red>'s parking lot). I literally had to flog my pony just to keep up, while FBD just used that awesome big-block torque to effortlessly boil the tires. Most impressive.

Oh yeah, the "Team FBD" T-shirts were SO cool. Very nice touch.

Maybe next year we can talk [color:red]bob</font color=red> into a chassis dyno session, and preserve his asphalt!!! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
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I had a blast with all of you bozos. I can't wait to tell the VMF how you and Deb you'll have to be nice to me, Tony! Hee hee hee!

Everyone contributed to the CF atmosphere, which was even better than last year. People of VMF, listen up: if you want a good 2 days of great cars, talk, BS, and a lot of fun, come on out! It beats an MCA show all to hell. No rules, just fun! We do whatever we want. I love it!
Way cool car Tony and it taught me to look under the hood of those verts they just might be MEAN,,HEHEHE,,I had a blast with all of you and wish everyone the best till next year
What a GREAT time, I will remember this CF as long as I can still think! What a great show....
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