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Had a good time yesterday, with about 25 folks showing up, including SWMBO's. Lots of fine American Iron, too! Had a late lunch at a local italiano restaurant, then headed out to a Hardee's Cruise-In. Met up with KBowers, and who walks up, but TSchmidt! His plane was re-routed out of Minneapolis to Omaha due to thunderstorms, but couldn't get any rental cars there, so wait, wait wait. Off from Omaha back to Minn., then back to DM. Twotoots2 shows up at Hardee's as well. Cruise-in officials won't allow his Terragator into the show, so he's kinda PO'ed.

After Hardee's, we went to a great hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant (no beer, though!), then back to the italiano place for drinking and BSing. About 11:30, a cop shows up, looking over all the mustangs parked outside, and everyone gets a wee bit nervous. So I saunter out to talk with him, and he's restoring a '77 Mustang Cobra, and was just admiring the cars. I told him there were several anxious folks inside watching him, and he offered to prank them by calling a tow truck. I said that was great, take this one (pointing to Bob's Poopy Red). I walk back inside, and explain the cop was just admiring the cars. But he never left, and folks were getting very nervous! Hell, everyone was drunk, and would be ticketed immediately upon exiting the restaurant. Well, about 25 minutes later, the cop tears out of the parking lot, so we paid our bill, walk out, and here comes the tow truck! I've never seen so many cars bail out of a parking lotthat fast in all my life! *LOL*

Can't get my old "KBowers" username to work on here anymore so I'm posting under a new username (I haven't been around here much at all since about January). Anyhow...

It was nice to meet you, Midlife, as well as TSchmidt and Teebone. The ironic thing is that my husband and I weren't at Hardee's for the "corn feed" festivities. /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif We were just there for the local cruise night (we go about once a month). It didn't even dawn on me that this weekend was the corn feed for VMF until I happened to notice Bob's car and saw a couple Mustangs with out of state plates. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif Of course, then you guys came up and introduced yourselves. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif You kind of took me by surprise.

You guys ought to go to Porky's cruise night (on Douglas Avenue) tonight... we're just getting ready to head that way ourselves. We go to Porky's more often than Hardee's as Porky's is only a few minutes from our house.

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