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VMF Full Speed Ahead!!

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Okay, I'm settled in Pensacola, Florida now and I have an DSL line connected to my new 2.53 Ghz computer! This is like going directly from a pedal boat to a full fleged jet boat! Yeehaw, somebody call Darwin! Oh and my wife can use the phone while I'm on the computer now! Goodbye internet fights! (If you haven't expericed the so called internet fight you either aren't in a relationship or you have always had a cable modem) Trust me, they suck. Did I mention I love it in Pensacola? Every Saturday the Mustang Club meets at a local Burger King/shopping center parking lot. The turnout of classic iron is excellent. I've already met a few great Mustangers here. Now, all that's left to do is grab some grub, lock the doors, and catch up on the roughly 10,000 threads I've missed. On second thought, I think I'll check out the local Blue Angel show. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif A sight not to be missed.

It's good to be back,

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Welcome back Bish. I am glad you made the trip in one piece.
Welcome back! Glad you're enjoying your new digs!
Welcome Back!
... it is fantastic to have you back in the ranks. Welcome home! Unfortunately, VMF is anything but quick these days....grrrrrrr! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
He's back !!!

He walks, He talks, He crawls on his belly like a reptile......and he's got DSL too..... Danger Will Robinson ! Dickson
Welcome back,

That fast internet connection should help you digest those
10,000 posts.
Hmm, wonder if Moped Boy has ever passed through there?
wonder if Moped Boy has ever passed through there


Interesting thought...
I now have an unlisted phone number, and have moved the house and garage to an unlisted address. *G*

Welcome to hot, humid, muggy, and rainy FlamingoLand!
Welcome back Bisihr. Glad everything is AOK!
Welcome back! Glad everything went smoothly.
Welcome back Bishir! Don't razz Midlife too much down there.

Welcome to the South, hope that pony has an A/C in it. My a/c is on the floor of the garage as they sent me some wrong parts for the interior.

Again, welcome,

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