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Jay -

I got all excited for a second...I thought the new forum and the classifieds combined would also entail other VMF Elite entities, such as Readers Rides, etc... I wanted to answer a question on a 1970 power steering pump problem by showing my instalationl in Readers Rides but couldn't.

In utopia, I'd prefer your suggested format of Forum, Readers Rides, Classifieds, FAQ's, Links, Clubs, the intitial VMF starting point, but I don't like borders imposed on the sub-categories. Consequently, if I want to just view the forum, I go to VMF directly and bypass VMF Elite.

We really need to be careful with the Page-o-Links. Companies like TCP, NPD, etc...are easy to agree on, but what about Rods & Customs (for my seat belts)? I wouldn't want it to become to large (i.e. - more than 100), otherwise its not too useful. Any discriminator we use will piss off someone, especially if they want VMF Elite to become a free solicitation medium for their business.

Another useful addition are listings, by geographical area, of specialty shops and services, with ratings and comment areas (like E-bay). For example, I'm on my 4th try to properly set the front end alignment, since the other three didn't work well at all. I'd pay premium dollars to get the alignment done right...even if it means changing parts. I'm lucky I live in So Cal and can try and try again.


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Your on the same page as me! What we need is someone to setup a Vendor's links page that VMFelite would link to. Your regional repair shops idea is great too. There are plenty of other ideas that people have that would help. Too bad this thread is going right in the basement again.... what with the onslaught of "Is my picture working posts" ... I've answered that question atleast 10 times in 2 days!

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